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The Weapons:

The French have manufactured rifles since the 17th century, but their story as a serious military weapon starts with the invention of the MiniƩ ball ammunition in 1847 and the MiniƩ rifle in 1849, and their general adoption in 1851.


The 7.5x54mm Fusil MAS MAS Mle 1949 series of semi-automatic rifles (1940 - 1979)

MAS 49/56


The 7.5x54mm Fusil MAS Mle 1936 series of bolt action rifles (1936 - 1973)

MAS M<span class=


The 8x50R Fusil Automatique RSC Mle 1917 semi-automatic rifle (1917 - 1925) (Under Construction)


The 8x50R Berthier series of bolt action rifles and Carbines (1890 - 1968)



The 8x50R Fusil Lebel Mle 1886 series bolt action rifle (1886 - 1948)

Lebel Rifle


The 11x59R Fusil Gras and Chassepot Mle 1866/1874 series bolt action single shot rifle (1874 - 1942)<