Stories that help the reader understand the history of the French rifle.

The story of the French rifle cannot be understood without understanding how they fit into firearm development.

Black Powder Black powder is the oldest explosive chemical used by humans, and the key to early firearms.
Bayonets Discussion of the development of French bayonets from the 1650s to present.
The Battle of Four Lakes 1858 Battle between the Northwestern Federation and the United States Army that was decisively won by rifled long arms.
The Conundrum and French Pistol and Rifle Cartridges From 1872 to 1945 the French always had the same calibre of bullet for their office service rifles and pistols. Was this an accident?
The Last Black Powder Rifles A few black powder rifles were retained in service through World War Two.
Light Infantry The role of skirmishers in warefare.
Mass Production and the Hall Rifle The American Hall rifle changed how arms were manufactured by introducing modern industrial manufacturing techniques.
New French Tactics in the Great War Despite the tendency to condemn French arms in World War One, the French actually innovated a system of combined arms infantry action that made them one of the most effective armies on the Western front. This tactical model was so successful is still in place today.
Volley Fire Volley fire was a key tactic to increase the power of black powder, smooth bore weapons than continued to be a consideration in rifle design long after it became obsolete.